30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15: Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning from any anime

Chopper from One Piece

In all honesty, I don’t think I’m doing Chopper enough justice by putting him in this category. But when thinking about all the other animal sidekicks and pets in anime, they tend to all be the same. Mostly cute or the plot-providing characters. (and I know it said summoning, but all other anime that have summoning that I can think of are already in other days of this challenge. Sooo


Chopper, again, is a lot more developed as a characters, being part of the Straw Hat crew as a member. Heck he’s their doctor.

That itself is pretty cool (and in any anime, there does NEED to be a doctor. Seeing how the characters nearly die every time they get into a fight).

Speaking of doctor, Chopper is not just that. He’s not just some helpless side character who only has one role. He can fight and help defend the crew on his own and stand his own ground when he needs to, being able to transform (much like some of the more odd powers of the show)

He packs a punch when his crew needs help, and still manages to have his cute charm at the end of it. Which is more then I could say for most other Anime sidekicks that I can currently think of (mostly cause when one thinks of an anime sidekick, it tends to be something along the lines of Luna from Sailor Moon or cute and iconic).

Let’s just say, Chopper definitely gets one of the top spots for a side character (although we’ll get to those in the next few days)

Day 15 and half way there. Until tomorrow, Jaa mata!


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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 14: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it

Anime series tend to be long, like any tv show. So if you wanna rematch a whole series (which I have done plenty of times) it will take a LONG time. This helped narrow down the choices for me since there are only a handful of shows I have watched form beginning to end, and then a few more times after that. 

And it never got old.



This is a weird series. Like really weird. If TeamFourStar decided to abridge DragonBall Z, then Yoshiro Sawai abridge ALL of the anime out there in this series…


Like all of them


nope still more


(in the anime there are a few more references, but mostly to the anime genre and not to shows directly. Mostly because of copyright issues)

Actually, the main characters attack, Super Fist of the Nosehair, is based off of Fist of the north star (which somewhat explains why he’s so powerful)


I’m not gonna lie. I watch this mainly for the comedy (again, making fun of the ridiculousness of anime). Sure there’s a plot that keeps it together, and is strangely interesting to find out about. But the comedy is something I always remember and go back to. It’s random, fast-paced, and over the top. Most of the time the characters just do whatever the heck they feel like doing.


they could in the middle of a fight and suddenly flash back to something that usually doesn’t add anything to the plot. Or go into random songs


The more saner characters don’t know what’s going on. The enemies rarely do. Heck, the narrator even breaks the fourth wall many times trying to make sense of it all. 

I watch it again and again, laughing at all the wtf moments (it’s especially funny when watching it with other people and seeing their reactions)


Just mentioning it now makes me wanna watch it again. Maybe over the summer while I make foodz from cooking with dog.

Until then (or rather tomorrow), Jaa mata

Itachi is the only one in this show who has his shit together.
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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13: Anime character you are most similar to

This one, in all honesty, is hard for me to say.

Mostly because there are different parts of me that are there. Although most of the time, I, like most otaku, relates most to:

Konata Izumi from Lucky Star


(I can relate even more now that I’m in college and practically everything is a distraction)


She’s more or less someone I related to back in high school. An otaku who wanted to nothing more but watch shows until late in the night and make references to said shows.


In the eyes of any otaku, she’s practically one of the best. I don’t think there’s really much else I could say since ANY otaku can relate to her. Which is weird since she’s, again, one of those female anime characters that aren’t treated in the typical anime fashion. Maybe in the cutesy department, but even then she acts a lot more like one of those nerdy comic book guys then a super girly girl.


Again, one of those female leads who don’t really see themselves defined by gender. Only by her hobbies and otaku-ness.

I know this was rather short, but there’s a lot more work a head of me tonight that requires my attention.

(you’ll probably be seeing a lot more Konata in the future now as well)

So I guess until tomorrow, Jaa mata


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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 12: Saddest Anime Scene

1. An anime will only be mentioned once in the list. (Meaning some would qualify more in one category then another. Therefore it would be there instead)

2. Limiting the anime to one’s I saw in middle/high school save for the specific exceptions.

3. They will be in rant style


Anime has a lot of sad moments, most of which involve a character dying, multiple characters dying, characters breaking up and people’s ships of them sinking (though that one’s subjective)

To me the sadder moments are the death scenes, although this one happens after one.

Itachi Uchiha’s real motives revealed from Naruto Shippuden (contains spoilers)


Remember back when we thought this guy was an asshole? Remember when we though he was a sexy asshole?(because, you know, murderer of his entire clan and what not)


Throughout the whole series Sasuke, one of the main characters from the first series Naruto, had one motive. Which was to avenge his clan who was murdered  by his older brother Itachi, for the sake of gaining power.


After fighting with him and losing, Itachi pushed him to try and get stronger, bragging how he would never defeat him. This caused Sasuke to desert his clan and go after power to kill his brother by joining one of the biggest enemies to his old village. Eventually he manages to become powerful enough and successfully kills Itachi.


HOWEVER. Later Sasuke gets information that reveals that Itachi did not murder their clan just for the sake of murder. In fact, the Uchiha clan was planning on holding a coup de tat and take over the village. The village leader at the time had placed his faith into Itachi to kill his entire clan for the sake of the village, and would be marked as a deserter (I don’t think that’s the right term though).



Sasuke had not know about any of this. The village, the clan trying to take over, or Itachi’s mission. In fact, he was suppose to be killed as well. Itachi took it upon himself to leave him alive. Leaving the only option for him to be a villain in Sasuke’s eyes as well.


(basically pulled a Snape in the series where he was never a bad guy to begin with)

(also he ends up coming back anyway just to have more cute brother moments)


What else could I say? His death was intense, and the reveal was shocking since he was built up throughout the series to be a villain. Tears were jerking since it just showed how much he really cared for his brother, enough to become a bad guy (to the entire world in fact).

I guess that’s it I suppose, until tomorrow, Jaa mata.


i will cosplay pretty ladies and i will cosplay scary men. i will cosplay scary ladies and i will cosplay pretty men. i will cosplay what i want and i will look fabulous.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

Fooly Cooly or FLCL

This one kinda counts as a mech anime since it does include and revolve around robots (most of the time).

It’s centered around a boy named Naota who gets visited by a strange girl named Haruka who seems to be fighting someone called Medical Mechanica (or something like that. It’s really vague and given little attention really). She comes to town and turns his small world upside down.

In fact, most of it does center around the thoughts and feelings of the characters while including random tidbits. Sometimes it can have silent and slow moments that suddenly go to crazy fight scenes or just something random(which was one of the good parts of the show)

The action scenes were pretty good. The characters were really down to Earth (most of them) and had their own flaws and problems that they had to solve on their own. Most of the scenes with just music playing in the background are some of the prettier anime scenes I saw back in the day just from the warm colors.

The only thing that falls flat is the plot and consistency, but when there are scenes with random gun fights, sporadic robot fights, and most of the characters are just as confused as the audience at times. It’s easy watch (especially on any given day)

And I recommend it.

Jaa mata!